Facade Replacement Completed

  • July 7, 2012

    The Newport Tenants Association is proud to announce that the facade replacement project has finally been completed. Please join us in celebrating our beautiful new exterior, including new illumination and vestibule improvements. Our superintendant, Frank Weldon, exercised considerable care and used his expert knowledge to ensure that the workmanship was first class in every respect.

    Many tenants and shareholders observed over the past several years that the marble facade had reached the end of its useful life. Not only had it become aesthetically unappealing, it had also become unstable and presented a risk to safety. However, known at the time the project commenced, not only had the facade deteriorated, but other deficiencies were found behind the marble. As a result, an additional project was undertaken to remediate those unforeseen deficiencies, and that additional project required placing the facade replacement "on hold." Because two projects were undertaken, the inconvenience to Newport residents lasted much longer than originally anticipated, and everyone's patience was tested. Nonetheless, the facade replacement project was completed on budget, and the additional project was completed as cost effectively as possible under the circumstances. The directors who managed both the facade replacement and the additional project sincerely appreciate how residents endured during the construction. The building now looks better than ever, and the risk of the facade falling has been alleviated.

    As a result of having completed this project, we all will continue having attractive building that remains one of the best in all of Flushing. By keeping our building modern and maintained in good condition it becomes more likely that share value will be maintained.

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