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The Newport is Flushing's premier residential cooperative building. With 215 apartments, located in the heart of downtown Flushing, Queens, the Newport combines the best of an urban conveniences and suburban living.

The building and land now owned by Newport Apartments, Inc. was built in 1963, and was owned by Newport Apartments Co., a general partnership formed on April 30, 1962. Newport Apartments, Inc. was formed on March 24, 1982 as a domestic corporation in the State of New York, and has the authority to issue up to 100,000 shares of stock. The corporation is managed on behalf of the shareholders by a 7-member board of directors, each of whom has the duty to act in the best interests of the shareholders. Day-to-day management is carried out by a building manager, superintendant, and several doormen and porters.

The Newport Tenants Association consists of tenants and shareholders of Newport Apartments, Inc., who are interested in bettering the corporation's services and looking after the interests of all tenants and shareholders. The association is not a committee of the board but is completely independent. As such, the association is able to present to tenants and shareholders an experienced, knowledgeable, yet independent perspective related to the corporation.

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